May 2009

Would you like to drive a car that runs on chocolate butter??? I bet it would be a smooth ride…

And if that doesn’t satisfy you, the whole car is made of vegetable fibers;  so in case you get hungry go ahead and take a bite of the steering wheel which is made from carrots!

I can’t imagine what the world will smell like if all of us start driving off in our Formula 3 race cars.

This is a piece of welcome news :

GMANews.TV – Scientists unveil chocolate-fueled race car –  Latest Philippine News

Please see for more details on this project.

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WorldFirst F3 Chocolate-powered race car

WorldFirst F3 Chocolate-powered race car



Yes, my hunch is correct. People eat chocolates not only when there is an occasion, whenever they’re sad or depressed, but also when they’re happy, or just because they feel like it… Indeed, craving for chocolates is normal for most people.

Historically, chocolates has always been a comfort food. And yet, it is considered a vice  AND  a luxury item. In the same league with cigarettes and alcohol!

So are you one of those who are ‘addicted’ to chocolates?  Join the club.

See the article below for more insights on the buying behavior of Americans regarding my favorite grocery item.

Someday, I’m going to be a chocolatier…  😀

Americans Cling to Vices Despite Financial Woes – MarketingVOX

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Wouldn’t it be great to go to Boracay with 3 of your friends for a 3D/2N vacation ALL 4 FREE???

Of course that would be awesome!

So, what are you waiting for?  Go and check out the promo at their website

Snickers choco wrapper

Snickers choco wrapper

All you need to do is to send in as many empty Snickers wrappers as you can at this address :   Promo Exchange Inc. at Unit 612 Manilabank Building, Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1225.

Be sure to attach the filled-out contest form which you can download here :